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Tempur-pedic Adjustable Beds

  • Available in most sizes and adjustable in height.

  • Full motion Head and Foot adjustability.

  • Fits inside most traditional bed frames and can be used with a Chestbed to maximize your storage.

Tempur-Pedic Adjustable Beds

​​Tempur-pedic Adjustable Beds are available in three styles. The Tempur-Ergo Power Base, the Tempur-Ergo Smart Base or the Tempur-Ergo Extend Base. 
All models come with a wireless remote, preset positions & underbed lighting. Come see what is best for you today!




Adjustable Beds in Bed Frames


The Tempur-Pedic adjustable beds can fit into most Bed Frames. Simply eliminate your center slats and place your new Tempur-Pedic adjustable bed within your frame.  The overall height of the adjustable bed can be changed by changing the length of the legs. Choose your mattress and adjustable bed model, let us know how tall you want your bed and we will do the rest.  Some bed frames may need to be modified depending on the adjustable or the mattress. We have many quality bed frames to select from that will accommodate the Tempur-Pedic adjustable beds.


Adjustable Beds on a Chestbed


Maximize your storage space and comfort by placing a Tempur-pedic Adjustable bed on one of our Chestbeds.  A modified Single High Chestbed supporting the adjustable bed provides the storage capacity of a 8-12 drawer dresser depending on the size of the chestbed.  Select your style, wood, handles and finish of your chestbed and add a Headboard with Night Stands to match.

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